Mountain Prophecy

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In 1918, Dusty and Darla's Appalachian relatives are still feuding with their neighbors, deeply superstitious and believe in local folklore. The teen twins deal with it every summer they visit. But this time it’s more serious. Two young women have disappeared into an abandoned mine. The mountain families believe trolls looking for brides are responsible.

Prince Aidan's isolated clan has waited hundreds of years in their mountain cavern for the fulfillment of a prophecy that says a heavenly being will come to them, marry the prince and lead them to a better life. After catching a glimpse of Darla, Aidan knows it’s only a matter of time.

Darla believes God has called her alone to rescue whoever -or whatever-lives in the mine. Dusty wants to keep her from being the next victim. Will she be savior or sacrifice?




In 1900, near Brighton, England, Elena Bishop and Justin Ramsay face situations that will change their lives as they know it. They believe they have a plan to fix their problems, even if it means only one of them will have a happy ending. They have no idea how much trouble they'll face along the way, and they certainly don't anticipate falling in love. Ultimately the time comes when they must admit they have no real control. Trusting God to take care of the circumstances, even if it means Elena and her father will lose their home and Justin is sent to join a military regiment in India, is the only way to find peace. Will God provide a happy ending for both Elena and Justin?

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